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Case Study

SIM Box Detection 

Success stories of fraud detection around the world

210415-mobileum-simbox-detection-brochure-mockupTelecom companies are severely damaged by bypass fraud (SIM Boxes). In SIM Box fraud scenarios, international calls are redirected over the Internet to a cellular device that inserts them back into the cellular network through SIM Boxes equipped with multiple low-cost prepaid SIM cards or even unpaid SIMs acquired with fake identities.

As a result, the calls turn local at the destination network, and fraudsters who set up these boxes pay only local rates or none at all to mobile operators after charging international rates from the source. While the person making the call will pay the entire call termination fee, it will not be collected by the local operator. The SIM Box bypasses the interconnection.

Download this case study and see how we’ve eradicated SIM Box in operators all over the world

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