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Case Study

The Fight Against SIM Box Fraud in an African Opco

The combined power of SIM Box Terminator and expert consultants


Mobileum's SIM Box Terminator solution demonstrated success in combating SIM Box fraud for a prominent African telecom operator. Using a combination of active and passive detection methods along with expert consultation, the solution swiftly identified and countered instances of fraudulent activity. This proactive approach led to successful raids and the apprehension of illicit SIM Box devices, resulting in significant cost savings for the operator. SIM Box fraud, characterized by the illicit termination of international calls using rogue SIM cards, poses a persistent threat to telecom operators globally. In this case, the operator faced challenges such as dynamic operational patterns, frequent IMEI tweaking, and sophisticated tactics employed by fraudsters.

Despite these hurdles, Mobileum's solution proved effective in staying ahead in the fight against SIM Box fraud, emphasizing the reliability of its approach in addressing this ongoing threat. Download this case study today to learn more about this successful story.



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