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Roaming Excellence in Paris during the World Games in 2024

Special GlobalRoamer® Packages

globalroamerAs we look ahead to the 2024 World Games in Paris, excitement is building with over 200 venues set to host 15,000 athletes, 13 million spectators, and 20,000 journalists while reaching billions of viewers worldwide. However, the massive influx of mobile network users during peak hours presents a significant challenge.

To ensure a seamless user experience, Mobileum introduces the GlobalRoamer® platform, strategically deploying probes across France. This innovative solution empowers network operators to evaluate essential services, assess network performance, and test emerging technologies such as 5G and VoLTE. It also provides real-time issue detection, the ability to benchmark roaming providers, and proactive partnership management.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance network quality for the world's largest sporting event. Download our datasheet and prepare for success at the World Games in Paris.


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