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5G Ecosystem Security Analysis: 6 threats to Watch For

The Benefits of a Service-Based Architecture Create New Avenues for Risk 


5G introduces a new enterprise-oriented architecture that relies upon IT and cloud technologies.

Enterprises benefit from having the processes, people, and technologies in place to understand and work effectively in this environment, and now mobile network operators are playing catch-up. 

However, architectural changes and adaptations have introduced new challenges, vulnerabilities, and potential risk areas that have a direct impact on some of the very things that make 5G so compelling, such as network slicing, Open APIs and interconnect traffic.   

These vulnerabilities related to 5G are covered extensively in our recently released research paper, OAuth2.0 Security and Protocol Exploit Analysis of the 5G Ecosystem.

Download this EBook and learn more about potential 5G vulnerabilities and what you need to do to protect your network and your subscribers.

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