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How can your Network Benefit from Threat Intelligence?

Be informed

about the latest reported threats

Be updated

about threats identified by Mobileum’s firewalls 


Receive insights in preventative measures

Be protected

​Update firewalls with the latest threats

Threat Intelligence Vendors

Delivers an extra layer to secure your Network

Mobileum’s Threat Intelligence Service offers a co-managed and intelligent threat detection service. It is backed by our expertise in security and access to live global signaling data. 

It enables you to take action to protect against bad sources, new attacks and act on early warning indicators. Mobileum’s Threat intelligence Service has access to signalling data from all over the world and offers its users early warning of new and emerging attacks and threat vectors.


Maximize the value of our solution with the support of Security Experts

Our research analysts are masters at analyzing security threats and producing actionable outcomes, saving customers valuable time. The reports of new vulnerabilities found by our security R&D team deliver the following capabilities:
  • Database of the latest signaling vulnerabilities
  • Updated with new attacks identified by research team
  • Searchable to stay ahead of emerging threats
  • Linked to published documents such as GSMA
  • Include examples of PCAPs
  • Deliver protection mechanisms

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