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WeDo Technologies’ Profile on Frost & Sullivan Report


IoTIoT Cybersecurity Market Watch—Solutions to Address the Key Industry Requirements

IoT implementations are a sum of many moving parts where data is generated and shared by multiple devices, applications, and people. Deploying and securing the infrastructure required for collecting and transmitting commands and data from these elements is a significant challenge in IoT.

The fundamental requirements of effective IoT security include:

1) establishing a secure root of trust and/or trust anchors,

2) extending trust across various domains in an automated, scalable and customer-centric manner,

3) leveraging data in a privacy-protected manner to drive business outcomes. Creating a trust framework must start with establishing an immutable identity in IoT devices in order to prevent untrusted devices or users from communicating with other devices or components on the network.

Download this report. This Frost & Sullivan insight describes the key requirements in the Internet of Things (IoT) security market and presents details of how the leading IoT security providers address these needs. Information is provided in the form of profiles, wherein each industry participant included in this profile has been interviewed by Frost & Sullivan. 

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