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Assuring Edge Cloud Success

Assuring Edge Cloud Success

Many 5G services—especially those with a wow factor such as remote health care, autonomous cars and smart cities—will rely on an intelligent, decentralized edge computing and cloud infrastructure for the performance and reliability they need. The service providers that build this infrastructure need better tools and processes for assuring a low-risk, secure, high-performance environment that can deliver these services as promised.

As it increasingly does for all emerging network technologies, assuring such performance in the edge cloud will be driven by data. More specifically, it is driven by the proper collection, aggregation, and analysis of the data and the application of the intelligence derived from it. The time to lay the foundation for assuring the success and security of the edge cloud is now.

This webinar will discuss new research on the timeline for 5G deployment, and risks involved in new platforms and architectures as well as solutions for addressing the business and revenue assurance needs associated with them.

Carlos Martins, SaaS Development Manager – WeDo Technologies
Robin Harwani, Global Partner Solution Leader – Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Tim McElligot, Senior Analyst - TM Forum

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