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Automation and Testing in 5G to Accelerate Innovation and Maximize Customer Experience

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5G completes the transition to fully virtualized and, in some cases, even cloud-native network functions. While the concept was applied to the previous mobile generation, 5G introduces new deployment flexibility and dynamics.

Being built from the ground up as a set of network functions that can be scaled and combined to serve a wide range of use cases, it opens up the opportunity for Mobile Operators to innovate, introduce new services, and address new use cases at a much faster pace. However, this also brings the challenge of designing, Testing, and monitoring those services at the same pace. CI/CD tools and processes are introduced to manage service and network lifecycle automatically.

Continuous Testing is a vital component of this process and needs to be integrated at all stages, from design to operations, from lab to production. Automation and testing tools allow MNOs ensure the vital Continuous Testing process for the entire network and service lifecycle. A combination of pro-active radio and core test probes combined with complete insights from network elements or monitoring tools and flexible development for test scenarios is typically the winning strategy for ensuring customer experience while keeping operational costs under control.

What will you learn on this webinar:

  • How pro-active testing and automation can be used in a CI/CD pipeline and reduce time to market for network functions and services
  • How service assurance tools can be used across the entire network lifecycle from lab to live network
  • How automation can help reduce troubleshooting times and remove overhead from repetitive, manual tasks
  • How different types of pro-active test probes can be used to create a holistic view on network performance with unique testing scenarios
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